About this website and also a bit about me

If you are tired of guided group trips where you are dragged from one sight to the next - and on the other hand you don't want to spend your next holiday in just one place and therefore perhaps want to miss out on exciting sights and encounters - then this website will help you to put together your own trip.

On this website I report from my travels, which I undertake together with my (internet-shy) girlfriend. Our names are Kirsten and Thorsten and we live in the tranquil Pfalz.

We always travel in such a way that we see and experience as much of a country as possible. The journeys further away usually last 14-17 days, the journeys within Europe 6-8 days. Usually we head for the top highlights described in the usual travel guides. At the same time we try to choose the overnight stations in such a way that the time in the car does not get out of hand, it should not be much more than 2-3 hours a day.

I am aware of the fact that our journeys are quite tight and one would always like to have more time to get to know the country and its people. But as an employee you have only limited holidays and we always have to use this time. And I think that if you have a day program and can see and experience many things, then you can really relax. Much better than if you just doze off on the beach.

How I got the idea for this website: A lot of travel blogs that you can find on the net are written by travellers who are travelling around the world. And only few offer a compact overview of the country and are therefore often not a good starting point to plan your own trip. So for the planning of the own journey the larger travel offerers remain, who often offer coach journeys with then nevertheless somewhat different emphasis. There are also some travel offerers the rented car journeys in the program have, some more complicated journeys we made also with experience far journeys. They are very well organized and absolutely recommendable. But one comes thereby naturally equal into another price category, as if one plans and accomplishes the journey.

The model for this website are the ADAC travel folders, in which the highlights of a country are marked on a map on a large folded paper sheet and these are briefly described around the map. This kind of representation, as well as the amount of information are optimal for us to get a very first impression of a country and to develop the first ideas for the overnight accommodations.

I would like to transfer this concept with "perfect-roundtrip" into the digital. The focus is on the map with the overnight stays. The places are numbered consecutively and the route drawn in, so that you can quickly get an overview of the itinerary. Information and - very important - photos are available for each overnight station. We love to take photos and of course to present them.

I have the hope that this website will expand into a platform. That not only our journeys will be presented, but also those of all travellers who would like to do the same. The technical requirements are already in place. This website could then link to the existing travel blogs, where you can read more about the trip.